My Spring Must Haves

For me the warmer weather comes with simple changes I make to my everyday life. Some of these changes being simple and others not so simple. Like most of us I am one who changes my eating habits and changes my day to day routine by adding, testing and changing multiple products. Below I wanted to share some of the simple ways that I change up my routine with the season!

As Summer approaches I make sure to start taking vitamins that will help me stay happy, motivated and healthy. Nature Bounty’s Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins contain the perfect amount of nutrients needed to help support long hair, strong nails, and vibrant skin. For someone who strives to have long hair, healthy skin and longer nails within the warmer months of the year these vitamins have been making it easier for me to accomplish this! I have been taking these vitamins for roughly a month and my hair have already shown growth, my skin as began clearing up and my nails are becoming less and less brittle.

I have also been enjoying Nature Bounty’s Women’s multivitamin as well. Nature Bounty’s multivitamin provides me with all the important nutrients that I should be receiving each and every day within one chewable vitamin. In addition these vitamins also to provide me with energy support that I need throughout the day.

Garnier’s Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo and conditioner not only smells delicious but is perfect for those of us who are constantly using different types of  heat products on our hair, or are outside in the humidity such as myself. Garniers Whole Blends are made with all natural ingredients to help strengthen your hair as well as repair and damage. I have only been using these products on my hair for roughly a month and I can already feel a difference in the texture!

Having a variety of pastel nail polishes is a must have for me during the Spring and Summer seasons. Essie nail polishes are one of my favorite brands because they offer such a large variety of colors for every season. Another reason I love Essie nail products is because they apply to the nail smoothly, are opaque and are long lasting. I find myself using a different color nail polish color almost every week during the warmer months of the year!



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