DIY Sunburn Relief

As the temperatures start to rise those of us who have fair skin start to take precautions when anticipating entering the outdoors. When the weather is forecasted to be Sunny it is important to take every precaution to avoid harmful sun exposure. No matter the duration planned to be outside for some sort of sunscreen should be applied in order to protect us from harmful sun rays and the potential for skin damage.

However, often at times we forget to take these precautions due to our busy day to day schedules. When forgotten, the natural consequence is of course, a sunburn. Whether the sunburn is only slightly visible or very prominent it is important for us to take care of these burns in order to reduce our risks of life long skin damage.

Below are a few DIY remedies that I use when I get a sunburn that is painful and uncomfortable. In addition all of these DIY remedies are chemical free!

Overnight sunburn relief: This remedy immediately relieves the sting that come along with a sunburn!

You will need:Image result for apple cider vinegar and coconut oil

-A Clean Cloth

-Raw apple cider vinegar

-Organic coconut oil


  1. Start by soaking your clean cloth in cold water, Then add a bit of apple cider vinegar to the cloth and dab gently on the sun affected area.
  2. Allow for the vinegar to fully soak into the skin.
  3. Once the vinegar has dried, Apply a generous amount of coconut oil onto the skin as if it were a lotion.
  4. The coconut oil will reduce redness, and help with the healing and peeling process of the  sunburn.


Aloe Vera Ice cubes: Aloe Vera provides immediate relief and soothes sunburns.

You will need: Image result for aloe vera ice cubes

-Ice tray

-Aloe Vere gel


  1. Fill a clean ice try with aloe vera and freeze.
  2. Remove cubes from ice tray and lace in a plastic bag in the freezer for easy access.
  3. Apply to your Sunburn as needed!

These are just a few of the many remedies that work for me when I am exposed to the sun for too long, I hope they work for you as well!


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