Easter Traditions!

With Easter right around the corner I have started to think more about traditions that have been in my family for years and years. Some of the traditions that I grew up with started even before my siblings and I were born. Some of my favorite traditions happen to be around Easter, so I wanted to share some of the things both my family and I repeat each and every year!

Easter Egg Hunt– In my family one thing that we look forward to every Easter is having an egg hunt. Ever since I was little I remember the adults in the family hiding plastic eggs all around both in the house and in the yard. each egg was stuffed with small toys, a variety of candy and sometimes even money!

Each of the children in my family are assigned a color of eggs to ensure that all of the children received the same amount of eggs. However it wasn’t always this way, up until I was around six I remember never getting more then five eggs because the older kids would get to all of the eggs before me.

Regardless, Easter egg hunts are always highly anticipated amongst my entire family.

Dying Easter Eggs- Within a week before Easter my family spends the day boiling, coloring, and dying roughly four dozen eggs. As I have entered my early twenties, dying Easter eggs is still something that I look forward too every April.

Dying Easter eggs is not only fun for everyone but is also an easy way to spend time with your whole family. It’s interesting too see how many different variations of colored eggs can be made with only a few colors. Easter eggs also make for a quick an easy snacks for the rest of the week. For my family we end up using our colored eggs to make deviled eggs!


Baking!- Another tradition that is continued in my family every year is baking. Whether it be making cheesecake, cookies, or cupcakes with coconut nests and peeps, baking is something that my family does the Saturday before Easter Day!

My favorite thing about continuing this tradition it that my family ends up making a different treats every year. I also like how it allows for my family to be together and enjoy the process it takes to make each treat perfect.


What Traditions do you have for Easter?



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