Early Childhood Studies

This week I had the opportunity to write my first ever lesson plan and teach a preschool class for the entirety of the week. My plan had to be based off of an observation that I had previously while observing the children.I spent three days preparing and writing out my activity before teaching. I tried my very best in order to make sure that every thing was perfect and age appropriate.

However I quickly learned that things don’t always go as planned.

I choose to teach the children a math game in order to help them practice their 10 frames. The activity consisted of dice, egg cartons(cut to 10 slots), and pom-poms. The children were to roll a dice and fill in the egg carton with pom-poms based on the number they rolled.

How to help children develop number sense and move beyond basic numeral recognition through mathematical best practices.:
This is the activity that I based my plan off of.

The Skills of the Activity:

  • Connect numerals with quantities
  • turn taking
  • Making connections between numbers and quantities

Knowledge the children would gain:

  • Numerals represent a quantity
  • Numbers can be represented in different ways
  • Number Sense

While planning out my activity I had anticipating some of the questions that the children might ask me, however I didn’t anticipate how each of the children were going to approach my activity. I had children who understood the game and I had children who were changing the game to be in their favor.

This experience has not only prepared me for future lesson plans but has also been able to teach me how to properly create a lesson plan and how to learn based off of the children’s experiences.


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