Top 5 Spring Break Trips I Wish I Was Taking

As Spring Break approaches and our friends start leaving for tropical warm places to adventure, most of us stay home for break dreaming of places we wish to visit.

Where as all of these places have palm trees and beautiful waters they all have individual excursions that make them unique.

1.Hawaii: Anywhere you visit in Hawaii is absolutely beautiful, but my spot would be to swim at the rope swings of Kipu Falls in Kauai.

2. Bora Bora: One of my dream vacations is to stay at a over water bungalow in Bora Bora
with an amazing view of Mount Otemanu.


3. Myrtle Beach: Home to one of the countries tallest Ferris wheel, along the boardwalk theirs arcades, stores, and amazing restaurants.


4. Los Angeles: Whats better than to watch the colors of the sunset on a beautiful beach In Los Angeles California! After the sunset you can ride the roller coasters of Pacific Park.



5. Orlando Florida: Where else but Disney World! I love Disney World
although I’ve only been once I would love to go back for spring break and visit all of the parks!




Everyone would love to travel away for spring break but lets be honest, money doesn’t grow on trees! these are just a few places I wish I could visit for Spring Break.


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