Spring Break Staycation!

Around this time of the year Spring break is highly anticipated among college students. However some students are not able to afford going to an exotic destination or even home, meaning they are stuck on campus or will be spending there break at work.

Fortunately, if you are one of these students it doesn’t mean that you still can’t have fun during your free time this Spring break.

Even if you are  student going home for break rather than sunbathing in an exotic place you can still find plenty of things to do in order to enjoy your Spring break staycation! Below are a few things that I plan on doing with my free time this Spring break

1. Go to the MoviesImage result for movies

Going to the movies is a simple way to catch up on the latest movies and spend your free time this upcoming break.



2. Plan a Day Tripshopping-tour-in-le-marche

Planning a day trip can be something fun to do that doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money. A day trip can consist of anything from finding a hiking trail nearby, to driving to the nearest shopping mall or outlets. There are plenty of inexpensive day trips to take depending on what you like to do.

3. Spend time with your Family

After spending a few months at school, spending time with your family is the perfect way to relax and catch up with one another.

4. Work

Working over Spring break is one way to make some quick extra money.

  • These are just a few of the many things that I like to do and that you can do during your Staycation!

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