Tips to Becoming a Happier You

As spring comes around the corner people often start trying to get back the motivation they lost throughout the long winter. However there are plenty of things that possibly get in the way such a school, work, and lack of time. Becoming a better you can range from simple life changes to more complicated changes. Both however can help you make your feel better about yourself and feel better overall.

Below are some easy and simply tips that I use in order to get motivated and to simply feel good about myself even with a busy schedule.

Image result for sleep

1.Get More Sleep-

Getting more sleep is one of the most important things you can do in order to get motivated and stay healthy. Sleeping more gives you more energy to help you stay focused throughout the day.



2.Drink More WaterImage result for water

Drinking water is my favorite way to make to fuel my body because it is a simple change that offers tons of benefits. Getting enough water helps you stay hydrated and therefore helps you feel and stay awake longer throughout the day. Staying hydrated is also important because it helps aide headaches and tiredness leading to an overall better mood.


Image result for exercise

3.Get More Exercise

Much like drinking water, exercise can also help boost your energy resulting in better metal health and a better mood overall. Getting exercise is also important in order to strengthen your muscles and bones as well as help you maintain or lose weight.



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