Hiking Trails!

While attending school in the White Mountains what better way is there to spend your free time when spring is approaching then to go hiking!

As the warmer weather starts to outweigh the cold, hiking is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. There are so many different mountains and trails to choose from within New Hampshire. The trails all ranging from easy to difficult with each and every trail offering different beautiful scenery’s.

These are some of my personal favorite trails around the area!uqfq6387


1. West Rattlesnake- Holderness

West Rattlesnake is an easy two mile hike up to the summit. Once you arrive at the top, the mountain offers wonderful views of Squam Lake resting at the bottom of the mountain. The top summit is over all a flat area, so its great for sitting and having a picnic while enjoying the cool breeze off the water. The hike typically only takes myself a half hour to the top.



2. Castle in the Clouds- Moultonborough

The Castle in the Clouds offers not only multiple trails but also offers many other activities. There are 30 miles of trails throughout the Conservation Area, the different trails range from easy to difficult depending on how long and how experienced you are with hiking.

At the Castle in the Clouds there is also many other things to do like view the giant rainbow trout in the pond, get sky high ice cream, ride the beautiful horses through the trails, or check out the amazing views from the carriage house restaurant.


3. Arethusa Falls- Livermore img_5986

The Arethusa Falls hiking trail is a long 2 mile more experienced rocky hike. The falls is about a 140 foot waterfall along the White Mountains. At the base of the falls their are natural pools in which little kids can play in the water, and plenty of flat rocks to relax and enjoy some lunch. On average the hike takes usually about 2 hours each way to complete, but the view is worth the challenge. During the hike there are many areas to stop and enjoy nice views and small bubbling brooks.


To check out more Hikes I love try this site: http://www.newenglandwaterfalls.com/top25hikesnewhampshire.php


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