Carnival Valor

Recently I got the opportunity to put down the books, take a break from work and travel someplace new. I had saved up all year in order to go on my first cruise which would port in three different locations and would last all of a week. With it being my first cruise I had no idea what to expect as I stepped off of land and boarded the 953 foot Carnival Valor ship for the first time.zzzzzz

As my best friend and I toured our room, the 13 different decks, and the different types of entertainment that would become our home for the next week we became astatic with all the activities there was aboard the ship. There were countless buffets, ice cream machines, pools, games, and types of entertainment to accommodate for all ages.

The ship itself I found fascinating, However I also found all of the destinations that we ported in to be just as beautiful. My trip was full of sunshine, soft golden sand, tropical trees, last minute plans for excursions, tours and lots of SUNSCREEN.

This trip for me was about relaxation and I surely had plenty of time to fit it in and have fun! I had such a positive experience with carnival cruise lines and would recommend it to everyone because it is the perfect gateway with entertainment to suite all ages.



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